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Complete Game Broadcasting has been helping launch careers in sports broadcasting since 2008. Our newly renovated broadcasting studio is located at 1301 Hightower Trail, Suite 250, Atlanta, Ga 30350. 

At this point, you may have lots of questions about the program and how to get started.

Please call 404.929.0523 and speak with me, the director, Tim Nun. I'll answer every question I can, but I can tell you that almost every question you have will be answered once you tour the Complete Game Broadcasting studio.

The tour is relaxed and includes a on-microphone demo for you to do. Your proficiency at the demo has almost no bearing on your being accepted, but I think you'll walk out energized to experience a sample of what you'd be learning and what you can achieve.

From there, we'll talk informally about your broadcasting goals and how this program can help. Maybe you won't know exactly, but we can at least talk it through. We'll also talk about payment options.

If you are a veteran and want to use your GI Bill this program qualifies. If your parents are helping with payment, please feel free to bring them along.

Complete Game Broadcasting has been a great  option for:


  • Men/women with college degrees in entry-level positions that aren't the right fit. (Exactly what I was going through in 1989!)

  • Men/women older than 30 who are settled but would like to gradually work their way into sports broadcasting.

  • Men/women who did not go to college. (Sports broadcasting is one of the rare industries that accommodates people in this category. Bob Costas never got his college degree!)

  • Finally, I do ask that you be at least 16 and have at least a high school diploma, GED or High School Certificate of Completion to apply.

Classes begin soon. Call now to schedule your private studio tour today.


Tim Nun

Complete Game Broadcasting Director

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A Program Designed with the Industry in Mind

Complete Game Broadcasting provides students access to modern studio technology and on-air broadcasting experience to help launch their career in broadcasting 

On-Air Experience

We produce a student led radio program at a local radio station. Students will get experience in on-air hosting, board operations, and production.

Modern Studio Technology

All equipment and software is up-to-date with industry standards and our podcasting studio can be rented out for your own recording needs.

Convenient Class Times

We offer nine-week Spring, Summer, and Fall programs with both afternoon and evening options.

Flexible Payment Options

Don't let cost derail you from the program. There are several options to choose from. For more information please complete the form below.


Complete Game Broadcasting Alumni 

Name: Jim H.

Age: Early 40's

Prior to CGB: Food salesman

After Graduation: Paid management position at a radio group with five stations

Timetable: Received offer prior to graduation


Getting Started

Ready to explore a career in broadcasting? 

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Please complete the form below and we'll send you our New Student Checklist to help you decide if Complete Game Broadcast is a good fit to help you launch your broadcast career.

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