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  • Are you a veteran that would like to use the GI BILL?
    Good news...we can do that. Just make sure to mention this when you reach out. And thank you for your service.
  • How do I apply for the program?
    Here's how you can get started: Go to our Admissions page Answer the form questions and click the 'Submit' button Check your email for our New Student Checklist and be on the lookout for a call from our director
  • What is unique about this program?
    There is no other broadcasting school in Atlanta that boasts a working, fully-functioning studio. Without question you'll finish your training knowing that the equipment you trained on is industry-standard. And if your aspiration is to be on-camera, think of how much better your final resume tape will look!
  • How does this program prepare students for the industry?
    You can't provide students "real world experience" if your own school doesn't operate in the real world. The entire key to your training at Complete Game Broadcasting is the ability to work on Atlanta radio projects while still a trainee! Your career begins from the time your training begins.
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